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Tuesday, April 11, 2006


I can't believe I haven't mentioned WinBar in this blog yet. I've used this program for the last 4 years on every computer i've had. It's a pretty configurable sys meter that docks to the top of your screen.

I have it configured to show the date, CPU, RAM and HDD usage, Volume controls, Uptime, DU Meter, etc. You can choose whatever color or opacity you like. Visually it's not the prettiest by default. Running it at 75% opacity with no separators between the modules makes it look pretty good, and prevents it from standing out too much.

Once you use this for a few days, your desktop feels naked without it. And if you really need the screen space, you can click on one of the arrows on the side to make it undock and collapse to the arrow. When programming, I constantly look at the CPU and RAM usage. It's great for when you're doing stuff on the internet, because the DU meter tells you the total downloads/uploads occuring on this machine.

Download this program (its freeware). Use version 1.2.95, not the Winbar2 public preview.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

View Rendered Source in Firefox

I just installed a new extension for Firefox called View Source Chart. This thing is another take on code folding and syntax highlighting. I like it! It's very easy to visually see your markup because of the pastel colored backgrounds that define each block of code.

I think Boxely needs to have an editor like this when we develop a GUI builder =)

Monday, April 03, 2006

While You Were Out

I guess a lot can happen while you're out to lunch. I got back to my desk and saw an email from Jon Miller with the subject "Say hello to AOL LLC." From now on, America Online is no more; like MCI before it, it has decided to drop the name and just go with the initials AOL.

I guess this should not be news. AOL is 5% owned by Google and 95% by Time Warner. Not many people call the company America Online anymore anyway. Everyone knows it by AOL, or by other, more unfortunate names. Our new branding uses the term AOL, not the old 'hard' triangle with funky 'America Online' written on it.