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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Why AIM with Facebook is important

Today, we release the first beta of a bunch of our AIM products which adds official support for Facebook chat! I'm personally very excited about this, as my team works on AIM Express, and we had a blast adding Facebook chat support!

"Official" is the big keyword here. Up until now chat programs that have had "Facebook chat" support have often accomplished this by reverse engineering how the Facebook chat website works. It's really important for us to do this via official means, so that AIM and Facebook can work together to deliver a great experience.

One of the great things about official Facebook chat support in AIM is that we are helping make Facebook Chat available outside of Facebook's site and mobile apps!. If you use AIM for iPhone, for example, your Facebook friends will see you online more often and be able to IM you wherever you are!

Add to that the fact that we show your Facebook news feed and it ends up being pretty awesome way to experience Facebook:

I'd love to hear your feedback on AIM Express. You don't have to install anything. Just visit the beta site and click the green button!