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Thursday, October 26, 2006

IE7 - OMG Tabbed Browsing!!1!!!

So now that IE7 has been released to the public and we are on the cusp of automatic upgrades for it, get ready for the world's n00bs finally discovering tabbed browsing. It has some serious implications. Here's what i mean:

You'll have people come up to you and try to explain why tabbed browsing is so great (even though you've told them about Firefox a thousand times). People will now talk about tabbed browsing as the greatest thing since sliced bread (it is), and they'll credit Microsoft.

Heck, there will probably even be articles with titles like "Beginner's Guide to Tabbed Browsing!" or "How to get the most out of Tabbed Browsing!" All of a sudden your friends that never listened to you when you told them about tabs or even cared which browser they used will try to introduce you to tabs.

I can't wait for the collective groans from the legions of users of Firefox / Opera / Maxthon / everything else that came before it.


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