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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Back in DC for a week

So I'm going to be back in the Dulles campus starting Friday, staying till next Friday. I'm mainly coming for the Boxely Code Kitchen which is happening tomorrow (8/18) from 1-4pm. In the code kitchen I'm going to cover the basics of Boxely and also demonstrate how to use the MaxiXML service to interface with the Flickr public API.

This is all part of the Boxely Contest we are having. The contest is in-house only, and there are cash prizes involved, as well as a chance to have your stuff be included in the upcoming public release. Submissions are due Sept. 10. If you're an AOL employee, I'm sure you'll get email on it soon.

I'm also here to do some training for Project Infusion employees next Friday (8/25), before I fly back. The rest of the time, I'm going to be working on the public release of Boxely.

Speaking of which, Larry's set up a Boxely community site, so check it out.

I'm currently working on the new toolkit for Boxely and the new samples that showcase the toolkit. Within the toolkit, I've been focusing on cleaning up the library's gadgets. Things such as gadget inheritance, properly cascading style trees, and yes, a new look & feel. We can't have everything remind us of AOL can we? ;)

For those of you who have an questions on Boxely (yes I do Boxely tech support!), or want to request something be covered in the code kitchen, leave a comment.


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