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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Boxely Code Kitchen

I'm running a code kitchen tomorrow of Boxely. It's going to be for pretty much any developer at AOL Dulles. It's to help point people in the right direction for the contest. What contest you ask?

Well, we're trying to release a public version of Boxely at the end of this month. So we are hosting a contest (in house only, sorry!) to see who can make the coolest little app using Boxely and preferably the MaxiXML service. The MaxiXML is a wrapper around the XMLHttpRequest object used to help write AJAX-y apps, but in a local (connected) environment.

Stop by 2-5pm in the Berners-Lee (CC2) room if you want a brief introduction to Boxely and the MaxiXML service and to just pick up contest information. Following that we'll do a hands on demo and try to write up a sample on the spot. Yeeeeeeeeah we'll see how that goes, but we have some ideas ;-)


Anonymous Shawn Christopher said...

Hey Rizwan, can you Email me your powerpoints? AOL Tucson is not AOL Dulles.

12:59 AM


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