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Monday, August 07, 2006

AOL Video (beta) launches

So today we launched our beta of AOL Video. First impressions look really great; hopefully we can see some good integration with AOL's UnCut video site in the near future. Mixing professional content with user submitted content in a nice slick interface might be the key differentiator against other sites like YouTube, Google Video, etc.
So far clicking on a video link opens an old school popup "player" window with extras like playlists, etc. I've never like this way of showing video. I think a better approach is embedded video on a page with comments, etc, just like UnCut. (And speaking of UnCut, why do you have to install a "VideoEGG" something or other, just to upload a video?)
I know that everyone on the AOL Video team has been working extremely hard in the last few months to get this beta out the door (nights, weekends, you name it), so definitely big congrats for the team for getting the job done.

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