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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Mossberg on Cellphone Networks

Walt Mossberg has a great article up on the Wall Street Journal about the archaic business model that our cell phone networks have used for all these years.

I've always thought that the cellphone providers all around the world have always made everyone suffer by controlling exactly what types of phones can be used on their networks, and in many cases, controlling what software/services are even available on your phone!

It's no surprise that companies like Verizon intentionally cripple their cellphones in order to make a quick buck. Bluetooth-capable phones have their wireless file transfer capability turned off, so that owners have to go through Verizon's expensive ringtone service.

Still if you've ever wondering about what you can do with your cell phone, head on over to Howard Forums. These are the people fighting the good fight. You'll be happy you did :)


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