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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Flex framerate attribute

I always though that one could tell Flex apps from Flash, not only because Flex generally has standardized UI components, but also because Flex always looked a little jerky to me. When things resize, etc, it was never as smooth as Flash.

But I didn't realize that Flex has a default framerate of 24fps. You can change the framerate to whatever you want in the main Application tag:

<mx:Application frameRate="60" .../>

Simple change..... soo much better! As a bonus, the added fps doesn't seem to affect my CPU at all :). Perhaps it's a matter of finding a 'sweet spot' for your application. 60fps works pretty well for me right now...

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Anonymous Thomas said...

Flex is slow because its a big big flash framework (like papervision). You can make flex more smothy by overriding the layout management and avoiding to have box in box in box ... (because flex uses a lot of recursive function calls). But change the framerate doesnt change your application (depending on the version of the flash player, if your user has a good graphic card...).

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