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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Photosynth Preview

Yeah, it's been forever, but I’ve gotta talk about this. Microsoft isn’t the slow technology giant it once was and this a perfect example of some of the research they’re bringing to the public. Photosynth can take collections of photos (of, say, like a famous landmark) and map the photos out in 3D space for you. The best part is the interface is smoothly animated and intuitive. Check it out:

Photosynth Technology Preview

If you’re using Firefox, you may get a “installing” page and not much else. This is because you have to allow labs.live.com to be a trusted publisher that you can install software from. There should be a yellow bar near the top of the page, telling you that the software was blocked. Click on the button on the right, and put labs.live.com in the “Allow” list. Then refresh the page.

Photosynth Screenshot


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Are you Rizwan Sattar of Gwu ? Thanks,

12:25 AM

Blogger riz said...

Why yes I am :)

How's it going?

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