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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

iPhone-ay DK-Say ?

Last month, Todd and I presented AIM for iPhone. In about 2 weeks of development, we had a working prototype of the application that we got the opportunity to present at the Apple SDK announcement. It was great fun being there and working with the Apple folks!

I can't say much more about it - but the end result is that we managed to pull off a prototype in 2 weeks of development using a platform that we had never seen before! The project would not have happened without Todd. As I'd mentioned in our presentation, I'd never done Mac development before, and Todd hadn't used the WIM api heavily before, so our combined skill-sets complemented each other beautifully.

Being up on stage was extremely exciting for us - we got to briefly meet Steve Jobs after the announcement was over, which was the topper for the whole experience!

So what now? Well, Todd and I love working on the iPhone, but we have day jobs as well, so it will be interesting to balance the two and get AIM out in time for the opening of the App Store!

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