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Friday, March 31, 2006

The Browser War Is Over

Firefox? Obese.
IE? Slutty.
Opera? Homely.
Safari? Oh c'mon!

There is a new browser king in town, and it is here stay.
AOL introduces to the world a browser-based browser. Gone are the security holes, missing features! Nothing to install! It'll take any internet buzzword and eat it for breakfast! So check out it's AJAXY, MASHUPY, Web Twoey alpha release right here! Hurry, there are only a few trial spots left!

Some facts about B3!:
  • Some say B3's name is from when he ate 3 browsers in one sitting.
  • B3!'s original name is Bubbba, but like all fabtastic gangstas before him, he must have a gangsta name
  • Whenever another browser adds a new feature, B3! will come and eat it.
  • When Bubbba goes surfing, webpages shy away from other browsers, and flock to it like teenage groupies.
  • Once, Bubbba reached a page with bad html. Bubbba then roundhouse kicked the host server until the webpage fixed itself.


Blogger Sree Kotay said...

Not cool dude - this is not supposed to be public yet; you're in BIG trouble.

I'll be speaking to your supervisor on Monday.

2:50 PM

Blogger Dossy said...

Guess they had to launch it early because it seems most AOL'ers don't work weekends anymore.

It's nice to see AOL ship a full day ahead of schedule for a change, though.


5:48 PM


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